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Positive + Positive = Negative??

Mathematically and mostly scientifically, (there is like a rare exception with blood types), there is no way that two positive things can equate to a negative. Two words for you ... BUT GOD!

A little over a week ago both of my sons tested positive for COVID. The photo above was taken the day that I found out my test was negative. Now, I don't what it takes for you to have a praise break but that was all I needed. If for nothing more than the fact that in the majority of instances, one positive in a house leads to a house full of positives.

You need another reason? I also have an autoimmune condition. Normally, as soon as cold and flue season begins, I immediately restock my medicine shelves because I'm guaranteed to attract whatever germ is nearby and in 18 years of teaching, trust me there were many! For over a year and a half, I did everything I could to keep my boys and myself "marked safe from Corona." Yet, it found it's way here anyway.

Like many others, I quoted and prayed Psalms 91 over my house, over my children, and over myself daily and probably often. One day when I was really full of a lot of worry because they were out and about and I didn't agree with where they were, I had a whole sit down conversation with Jesus. The end result, I have prayed, He has heard they will be fine, whatever fine looks like.

Having my oldest son suddenly become sick and then to find out that it was Covid was unnerving for multiple reasons. Being a person who plans and thinks forward, backward, and sideways, I had to get it together to find out who needed to know what and when as well as do my own level of contact tracing. All of these thoughts were within 30 seconds of seeing the caller ID say MD COVID and hearing the CDC rep on the other end of the phone.

In the middle of trying to take notes and make sense of things that were coming rapidly from the representative, I stopped and wrote the note on the side. "God, YOU are good even in this." I didn't understand half of what they guy on the phone was saying. Not from lack of comprehension but it was a fog. I only knew I needed to trust God and make sure my baby stayed breathing with no fever. We have allergies, runny noses and coughs are nothing over here! They happen all the time. The level of paranoia that tried to take me was unparalleled because not only did I fear for them, I feared for myself. At times, my allergies have caused breathing problems and triggered asthmatic reactions. I did what I always do in hard and difficult situations, I worked and I prayed. I prayed and I worked. I checked temperatures, refilled water bottles and made the appointment to take my youngest to the doctor the next day, only to find out that he too was positive. The difference, outside of a runny nose and cough for like 5 seconds he was completely asymptomatic. Full of energy, sick on paper.

The pediatrician suggested that I go the same to get myself tested because at this point we'd been in the house together for 5 days. The minutes in the doctor's office were tiresome. It took an hour to be seen for a 10 minute result. I was negative. People have varying opinions on the vaccine and whether or not you should get it. I got the vaccine last Spring and the booster the same week my sons were diagnosed, not knowing that they were. I don't put science over God, because He made it. I do believe that He can turn any and everything and I've seen it with my own eyes.

My children were only "sick" for a few days, Covid hit our house but it didn't harm our house. As I sat and reflected yesterday, it was brought back to my mind that a few days before my son got sick, I was exhausted on really on E. Before I laid down one night, I said "God I really need a break, just please help me get to Thanksgiving." As much as the teachers were celebrating those off days, THIS parent celebrated with you, somewhat in solidarity to the profession but also because I needed a break. The early mornings, the schedules, the routines, I just wanted to sleep. Courtesy of Corona we all had a two week vacation. We rested and it was great!

Perspective is everything. The point of this whole blog is to highlight that. Thanksgiving isn't just what I feel today, November 25, 2021 because it's the 4th Thursday and the calendar says I should. It's what I feel everyday. I live in a constant state of Thanksgiving. If God sees fit to never do another thing, I am still living off the things He's already done. I am beyond grateful. We are off of quarantine today and headed out to spend time with the people we love that we haven't been able to see for a few weeks. We were fortunate during the shut down, we still had family time. It could've gone another way. I could be writing something else right now but I sit here full of gratitude and praise that He allowed us to see this day in good health.

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