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"I accepted my story as building the dream for the love of my life.  Sign after sign came to me like pop-flies in center field ... One day I misjudged and got hit square in my face. The same thing happened with those signs. I misjudged my mark and got hit dead in my face, figuratively and literally. "

-  An excerpt from my chapter "A  New Story"


"Yet in the middle of not feeling myself, I still had to teach. I had to mother. I  still had to function. But oddly, and equally sadly, this wasn't anything new ... In my world I didn't have time to be depressed, I was too busy."

- An excerpt from my chapter "Faking the  Function"

This award-nominated Bible Study workbook was created and designed to guide you through building your faith, changing your perspective, and taking action to be the overcomer that you already know you are! 30 days, 30 scriptures, 3 Bible Study methods all for you to Be the Overcomer!! 

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