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Along the journey to healing and recovery, I needed information. Social media is all well and good but let's face it, sometimes the information provided is far from accurate. Even in our searches to "fact-check" and be sure, the reality is, "You don't know what you don't know." You kind of end up spinning your wheels. Well, I'll talk about me, I did for a little bit. And that's when the teacher, lifelong student, future-doctor, researcher took over and I began to target specific things to look for. The Resources presented here are ones that I've personally used, read, or had experiences with. I stand by them, can answer questions about them, and I endorse them. If you want to talk about anything presented here or in general, let's schedule a meeting! (Just FYI, for some of the items listed, I may receive a small commission.)

Helplines are amazing resources. They can direct you to quick information. They provide a listening ear and information that you may not be able to access quickly, especially in regards to seeking safety, shelter, and understanding law enforcement. Your local non-emergency assistance line is also a good resource but as those numbers differ by state, they are not listed here.

Mirror, Mirror: Transforming Narcissism to Self-Realization - Gayle Bohman (An amazing book to help shift your mindset about what is happening on the other side)

Kimberly Weeks - The Narcissistic Abuse Coach - Although she's no longer taking on new clients, Kimberly is an amazing resource and coach. She has now moved on to training others on becoming Trauma-Informed coaches. You can also follow her on Instagram and TikTok.

RedefinedTV - Pastors Jerry and Tanisha Flowers redefine relationships righteously and they don't miss a beat. Check out their website and be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel.

Leslie Vernick - Leslie is a licensed clinical social worker who works specifically with Christian women in destructive relationships. She provides on-going content on Facebook and through her CONQUER Coaching program.

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